Cindy Wong

Cindy is a software developer, specialized in server development in Java, with a keen interest in scripting and mobile computing.  She is currently working at Redknee.

In her spare time, Cindy has recently picked up knitting as a hobby (to her husband's dismay).  Another newly-acquired leisure activity is watching Global Starcraft II League (to her husband's delight).  These two activities compliment each other perfectly: she often knits when she watches GSL.  She is currently working on a vest for her husband and a pair of pop-top mittens for her toddler son.

Cindy reads.  Mostly non-fiction in English, and mostly fiction in Chinese.  Not nearly enough in either languages.  In Chinese, Cindy was last seen reading translated novels by Tanaka Yoshiki.  She is currently reading Pragmatic Thinking and Learning by Andy Hunt and thinks it resonates well with The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, which she has read last year.

When she wears the "mother" hat, Cindy practices a mixture of attachment parenting and Montessori teaching, with a small dose of Chinese parenting (a.k.a. "the way I was raised").  She is an avid proponent of babywearing; she is often seen advising her friends on the benefits of babywearing, the different types of baby carriers available (including which ones to avoid and why), and the pros and cons of each type.  Her current favourite baby carrier is the Kinderpack soft structured carrier by Kindercarry, although she has a healthy stash of Didymos woven wraps and mei tais as well.  In addition, Cindy is considered the expert on cloth diapering among her friends, with first-hand experience on (too many) different brands and types of cloth diapers and accessories.  Her favourite day-time diaper is Smartipants, and she always puts a Cloth-eez Workhorse diaper and a wool cover on her son's bum before bed time.  To Cindy, Rockin' Green is the only detergent that works for her cloth diapers.

Cindy lives slightly north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.